Rules Violation Reports

As a member service benefit to members of EastPay, we offer education and advice towards the resolution of a potential rules violation issue.  We can also assist in helping you complete the form, understanding the required documentation needed or advice on whether the rules violation process is needed. EastPay does not have the authority to impose penalties, therefore, we rely on the system NACHA has in place and direct our members to submit the possible rules violations with them. 

NACHA employs the National System of Fines as an enforcement mechanism for the Rules, allowing Depository Financial Institutions to review, evaluate and correct the circumstances surrounding any possible Rule violation. The National System of Fines provides the structure for evaluating possible Rules violations. Through a formal system of warnings and fines, it corrects infractions and helps ACH Network participants to remain within the Rules’ boundaries. If your organization or financial institution discovers a potential infraction, it should submit the issue to NACHA through a Report of Possible ACH Rules Violation. As the complainant, your organization must be a Participating DFI or ACH Operator that is party to the transaction in question.

The form and instructions for completion and filing can be found on the NACHA site by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Tisch, AAP at EastPay at 800-681-4224 ext. 1104 or email