Same-Day ACH!

EastPay offers Same-Day ACH Training! 

Same-Day ACH is the biggest change to the ACH network in years - are you prepared for the impact?  Click here to find a Same-Day ACH event date that works for you! We offer in-person, online, and customized!  

Phase 1 is effective September 23, 2016!

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Payments University

Greensboro, NC - August 2 & 3
Tampa, FL - August 8 & 9 
Richmond, VA - August 25 & 26

"Great sessions, learned a lot about the current NACHA changes, and the material was very easy to follow.  Leaders made sure the sessions were very interesting and fun!”  - Rilda M. Hunter, AAP, Lockbox Supervisor, North State Bank, Raleigh, NC 


Mission Statement

To provide payments expertise to our members through education, compliance support, risk control, and industry advocacy that supports the growth and quality of payments while minimizing risk.